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Story 1

Mie and Jun went to the same junior high school. Some years later upon meeting again at a class reunion, they fell in love. Soon they started talking about marriage and life together. They made their plans for the big day; however, shortly before the wedding day, Jun discovered that he had a rare hereditary disease that could potentially impact their future children and life together in a dramatic way. He was not sure what to do, so he asked Mie to make the final decision – they could break up or spend the rest of their life together. She decided that life with Jun was her destiny and that together they would try to overcome their life obstacles.


After the wedding, they began to plan their future and family. They recognized that Jun's hereditary condition would need to be taken into consideration before they could have a child. In an effort to better understand their options, they began seeking reproductive medical advice. Some possible solutions came up – pre-implantation screening - but such a procedure was not easily available in Japan. Many hurdles and processes would need to be overcome.


Luckily, through Japan's Keio University Medical Hospital, the couple learned about Taipei's Hope Fertility & PGT Center-Reproductive Clinic's Reproductive Medicine and Embryo Genetic Testing service. They immediately pursued their journey to seek medical assistance in Taiwan.


In April 2018, Japanese doctors and Hope Clinic worked together to come up with an IVF treatment plan. After careful consideration of their options, the couple decided to proceed with the recommended plan and as a result, healthy embryos were transferred in 2019. In October 2020, Mie was able to give birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy.

After two years of hard work, their dream finally came true. Seeing the photos of the baby, I am moved and deeply admire the courage, determination, and love they had for pursuing this baby.

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Story 2

Wiskott-Aldrich's Syndrome (WAS) is a rare disease with an abnormal immune system. WAS is caused by a recessive sex-linked genetic disease on the X chromosome. This disease is much more prevalent in men than woman. A male born from a carrier mother has a 50 % chance of getting sick. A female child has a 50% chance of becoming a carrier and a 50% chance of being completely normal. Those who have the disease experience a number of health issues, including a fragile immune system, low platelet counts and eczema. Currently the most effctive treatment is a bone marrow transplant.


A young Japanese couple came to Hope Fertility & PGT Center in Taiwan to seek medical treatment for WAS ‒ they were hoping to be able to give birth to a healthy baby. They came to Taiwan in July for an egg retrieval. Embryos were then created at Hope Fertility & PGT Center and underwent a PGT-M process to help uncover healthy normal embryos. The couple then came back later in November for an embryo implant. Within a year, the couple gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

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Story 3

A couple in the Philippines gave birth to a baby boy named Alab. However, it was soon discovered that he was suffering from Thalassemia – a severe disease in which a person cannot produce any functional alpha globulin that is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. Usually, most babies will die from this disease due to severe anaemia and hypoxia in their mother's womb, or shortly after birth. Miraculously, This baby boy, Alab, survived.


However, he had to undergo a blood transfusion every 2-3 weeks. He is the first and only survivor of this disease in the Philippines and one of the few rare cases reported worldwide. In an effort to find help for Alab and to lessen his suffering, the parents came to Hope Fertility & PGT Center - Reproductive Medicine and Embryo Genetic Testing. Here they discussed various options and decided that with the help of PGT-M technology screening, they would try to have another child that could help the older brother to obtain the needed cord blood and stem cells to help alleviate his condition. The couple created embryos, had them screened with PGT-M technology and clinic know-how and a year later Alab had a little sister who would be able to help him live a happier and healthier life.

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Story 4

Hi, my name is Ben, from Macau. My wife and I had been struggling for years with IVF treatments to fulfil our dream of having a child. We spent more than five years, a lot of money and personal energy trying IVF treatments in Macau, only to later learn that much of those treatments we received and paid for were fake.


Some time later, after taking a break from our treatments, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that she was pregnant. It was great news; unfortunately, the baby had a chromosomal disorder. We thought long and hard about what to do and finally decided that the best option was to induce a labour induction. It was a very painful and traumatic experience for us.


After this series of events, we decided to investigate IVF treatment options abroad, outside of Macau. We found that Taiwan was a place well-known for its advanced PGT technology and know-how – much more so than most other Asian nations.


As a result, my wife and I decided to make the trip to Taiwan and seek out options for our future. We decided to work with Hope Fertility & PGT Center. We visited the clinic to seek advice and take some diagnostic tests. They were very professional and caring in their approach and understood our hopes and dreams. Thanks to Hope Fertility & PGT Center's PGT technology, a pair of twins were born to us.

We could not be happier that we took this journey to Taiwan to seek out IVF and PGT treatments. It worked for us and my wife and I encourage others who are having reproduction difficulties to explore their options too.

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Story 5

Hope Fertility and PGD Center:  Despite multiple challenges during the pandemic,a Chinese couple from the other side of the Strait rejoiced to procreate pregnancy.  


     The newlywed had desired to have a baby before the pandemic; however, the fact

that the wife's ovarian function was bad not only forced her to go to a hospital 

frequently but she also suffered from various gynecological diseases.  In China, the

couple tried IVF treatment, yet to their dismay, they only saw a single ovarian follicle.

Nevertheless, they continued the treatment but failed to retrieve any egg.  The wife 

collapsed and cried in despair.  The husband comforted her, assuring her that without

a baby, they could still be happy together.  He didn't want her to endure the painful

procedure and was willing to renounce the hope of having a baby.  


     On the other hand, the wife craved for a child so desperately that she tried numerous

methods such as taking Chinese medicine and nourishing diets, along with exercising 

regularly, with the hope that she might become healthier and hence could stand a better 

chance to conceive a baby.  Meanwhile, the husband associated with some Taiwanese 

businesspeople who recommended Hope Fertility and PGD Center.  As a result, the couple

turned to Hope Fertility and PGD Center for help.  Owing to the long distance, at first, they 

contacted Hope Fertility and PGD Center through We Chat and underwent diagnoses by 

means of video conference.  After completing the application for immigration, when they 

were about to head to Taiwan to receive treatment, the spread of pandemic prevented them 

from coming.


     It was not until May 2022 when the Taiwanese government reopened immigration for

people who requested medical care did the international team of Hope Fertility and PGD

Center put efforts handling all the related process.  During the period of Covid, we were

required to prepare a big pile of documents to get approval from Ministry of Health and

Welfare and then proceed to solicit a permit from Immigration Department so that our

foreign patients were allowed to enter Taiwan.   


     It took long to have all the information reviewed and approved.  While waiting to 

get the permit, the wife actively cooperated with all our diagnoses, furnishing all the physical

examination reports to Hope Fertility and PCD Center, taking medication, and so on, just to

anticipate a child.  During the pandemic, all the patients were fully equipped with goggles,

masks, and gloves.  In addition to providing medical care, we also took the couple to worship

the Deity of the Land.  On top of that, we bought lots of soybean milk for her because the

Chinese believe that by drinking large quantity of nutritious soybean milk, a woman’s 

endometrium may grow thicker and thus facilitates pregnancy.


     The husband couldn’t afford to stay in Taiwan too long and had to go back to China to

work; consequently, the wife stayed at a hotel near Hope Fertility and PGD Center on her 

own.  The convenient location made regular checkup possible and enabled her to contact us 

lest there should be a problem.  Our staff took turns bringing her food and fruit as well as 

looking after her.  The reason why we did something extra was because we empathized with 

her situation.  Unlike us, she was all by herself in Taiwan without a family member close by.  

In the early period of her pregnancy, bleeding occurred often.  Therefore, she stayed in Taiwan for another 8 weeks until the condition was stable before she went back to China to 



     This journey was more complicated and tougher than we had expected.  However, 

seeing the photos of the new-born baby reading about the description the couple sent us, we

felt touched and everything we did was rewarding.  We’d like to thank the couple for letting

us participate in such a meaning moment of their lifetime.  Once again, we have helped a

family to realize their dream.  The excitement was overwhelming.  We admired the 

determination of the wife.  What she had gone through demonstrated her unconditioned love

for her child.  How fortunate the baby was to possess such precious maternal affection even

before it was born!       

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Story 6

     Hope guards your bliss over a span of 12000 kilometers.

     Two-month old Lucas has black hair.  He wields his fists in the air and giggles.

     Lucas’s parents are from Taiwan.  For the sake of the father's career, they settled down in the USA.  The wife worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, taking great care of a group of kids.  She loved children so much that she wished one of them could be her own kid.  However, her expectation never came true. 

     The couple had consulted many specialists around everywhere yet in vain. Eventually, 

they heard about a Director Chan in Taiwan who might offer them good news. 

     This journey covered a span of more than 12,000 kilometers.  Nevertheless, they

were willing to undertake anything as long as they could fulfill their dream.  This journey

proved to be a most precious short cut.

     Lucas’s mom still remembers vividly the first time she came to Hope Fertility & PGT Center.  Director Chan spent a great deal of time discussing with them.  She remarked, " Director Chan was the first obstetrician that spared no trouble looking into all my medical record at great length."  At that moment, she was determined to seek the help of Doctor Chan and tried again.

     The thick medical record exemplifies her painstaking experience in numerous medical treatments attempting to conceive a child.  She has immune system related diseases which affect the implantation of embryos.  When the immune system judges that the embryo is a foreign substance, it will resist it, making it difficult for the embryo to implant and stay in the uterus.


  The couple chose toundergo chromosome examination and faced every opportunity with caution. In October 2022, with the efforts of Hope’s professional team, the embryo was successfully implanted. All the endeavor brought about sweet fruit.

  As the pregnancy was stable, Lucas’s mom went back to the USA to labor.

Despite being separated by the Pacific Ocean, Hope's concern never failed.  Our consultants 

regularly monitored the conditions of the mother-to-be.  In July 2023, after 38 weeks of 

pregnancy, she gave birth to a baby in the USA.  To our excitement, Lucas was a healthy 

baby that weighed 4,345 grams.  Both the mother and the child were in great physical  condition.

  Hope Fertility & PGT Center extends a cordial welcome to couples who desire kids. Let Hope function as your initial step in parenthood and accompany you and your babies throughout the whole procedure. Hope Fertility & PGT Center will always stand here as a guardian for your happiness.

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